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The House is Complete!

The photos below show the house after all work to it has been completed also with some furnishings.

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Fun times

These photos go some way as to showing what an experiance this was for us students so thanks to everyone that was involved in this project and a big thank you to David Strachan, Kathryn Roberts and John Cocks/ cocksy the builder.

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Aligning the modules together

This is a compilation of the videos taken on 10th December when the house movers decided to drop building modules into place. There where some issues with aligning the house to meet in the center but not too much, some damages where cause due to friction of the two modules butting together but the damages where minor. After the house was placed on the on the piles, David from Craig Walker House Removers LTD stated that the modules came together perfectly even though this kind on jobs are the most difficult to do. 

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Work on Site

Work on site started on the 12th of December this was also the week where the weather was not kind because it rained all week.  This delayed the work on site because of the slippery ,boggy condition’s the picture illustrates the water puddles around and under the house because the site drainage had to be done after the house had been put down. Although the work inside the house went ahead as we had a due date for the house to be finished by. 

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Rise and Shine, its moving time!

3am Decemeber the 9th most of us congregated on site to watch the move take place. to avoid any delays with public traffic on the planned route to Waimaku the house had to leave site at 3am at the latest, although the trip  to the site did encounter some problems. the problems ranged from low tree branches, one ways bridges, narrow country roads, one way bridges and we weren’t the only ones moving a house that morning. none of these problems where big enough to slow down the progress of the shift as we arrived on site at 5.03am. As we stood at the top of the hill watching the trucks being haled up the paddock with the aid of tow tractor we stuck around long enough to watch the beautiful sunrise on site.

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The Big Move

Early morning on the 8th of December the house movers (Craig Walker House Removal LTD) arrived on site to prep the house modules for the move to Waiamaku, West Auckalnd early the next day. The photos indicate of the process of what it takes to prep a building before it can be loaded on to the truck trailer and also shows the type of hardware that is used to elevate and position the building onto the truck trailers 

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Design and Features part 1

The following is part one of an intro into the students behind the project as they explain some of the best and most interesting parts of the design.